How to Deal with Binge Eating Disorder.

We have all experienced times when we have eaten too much without being particularly hungry, while this is nothing out of the ordinary if you find yourself regularly overeating and feeling powerless to stop the urge, you might be suffering from binge eating disorder.  Binge Eating Disorder also is known as compulsive overeating is a

How to deal with Emotional Eating.

Every day of our lives we go through a vast array of emotions. You can be overwhelmed with happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, frustration, stress and a wide range of other emotions. People find different ways to deal with their emotions. However, if you keep finding yourself eating when you are stressed, sad, angry, anxious or

Feeling Full without Eating.

  You are yet to take even a single bite out of that mouth-watering pizza, however, your stomach is feeling full, but you haven’t eaten anything for the past few hours. You are basically feeling full without eating. This condition which you have is known as Early-satiety. This condition typically occurs with irregularities related to

Eating Disorder Psychologist.

According to Eating Disorder Statistics, It has been estimated that up to 70 million people in the world suffer from an eating disorder. Eating disorders are illnesses in which a person goes through severe disturbances in their eating behaviours, related thoughts and emotions. According to multiple studies done by Eating Disorder Psychologists there is no

A Complete Neuro Slimmer System Review

People today are very concern about their looks and figure than ever before and getting obese is a common phenomenon amongst the population today. In a bid to reduce the unwanted body weight people try slimming supplements and cut down their regular diet. However, the end results are not satisfying at all. Weight loss not