Diet Start Cleanse Review

Diet Start Cleanse by Renew Life is a two-part system intended to jump start weight loss.
You take the Fat Flush formula pill with two meals a day and two of the Colon Cleanse formula pills just before bed on an empty stomach.

I normally test products for 5 days as part of my five days on a diet program, but since this one is geared specifically for 2 weeks, I stretched my review period to accommodate. I was just hoping I would no longer to stretching to get into my skinny jeans.

Researchers say people who lose the most weight in the first few weeks of a diet, go on to lose the most weight over a longer period of time. Losing a lot of weight at the start can fuel your motivation.

I did not have a lot of weight to lose, but wanted to see if I could lose at least an inch from my waist.

I preferred the Diet Start Cleanse over the 3 Day Diet Cleanse since the 3 Day product had such a terrible taste. With the pills, you taste nothing.

In fact the “fat flush formula” pills are so small, it’s a breeze to take one before two of your major meals of the day.

The fat flush formula form the Diet Start Cleanse kit particularly drew my attention because it contains something I’ve never tried before: Svetol, a weight-loss aid that’s popular in Europe.

Svetol is a diet enhancer made of decaffeinated green coffee bean extract. It’s supposed to promote fat for energy, which sounds like a handy use for fat! It’s high in chlorogenic acids and in antioxidants. Bottom line, it stabilizes blood sugar so you aren’t as hungry.

The second part of the Diet Start Cleanse kit is the colon cleanse formula which contains rhubarb and cape aloe as well as magnesium hydroxide.

Be warned, you should stop taking the nighttime formula if it causes abdominal pain or diarrhea. Some people have adverse reactions to rhubarb root. Also, it’s not a product you want to take long-term, although you can repeat the 14-day cleanse one time.

As part of the weight loss plan, you are supposed to eat a high fiber diet.

Brenda Watson, the founder of ReNew Life is also the author of “The Fiber 35 Diet,” which is all about fiber.

In the Diet Start Cleanse packaging, I found a handy Fiber35 meal planner that gave a suggested meal plan that is high in fiber. The meal totals came out to about 1200 to 1300 calories and 40 to 50 grams of fiber each day.

The meal plan includes the ReNew Life high fiber bars as well as their high fiber Fit Smart shake, which I’ve tried in the past.

Overall I found the products to be effective. They curbed my cravings and helped me feel energetic without the hyper, manic side effects you get from taking stimulants. My girlfriend used to joke about how certain diet pills make you want to clean the house for hours, do all the laundry, shop, organize closets and finish a dozen projects until you finally crash hours later.

Although I won’t repeat the cleanse, I will look for the “Svetol” in another Renew Life product for future use.

After 14 days, I lost 1.5 inch from my waist and lost 3.5 pounds.

For my Diet Start Cleanse review, I give it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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