Stop the Insanity of Fad Dieting

Losing weight is hard no matter who you are. We all have tried every motivational tool in the book from buying clothes that are smaller than the size we wear to any weightloss fad there is.
The only thing we don’t do is set realistic goals for ourselves. We tend to want to drop those pounds over night and become depressed, frustrated, and angry because we can’t get rid of our love handles.

By opting to use the quick fix diet plans or other weightloss methods we tend to set ourselves up for failure every time. Many of the strategies that are spoke of will backfire on our attempts to shed the weight.

The fast quick loss regimes that are being promoted do not employ the correct principles or attitudes we need to lose weight correctly and health wise. Weightloss fads are just that fads all hyped up leaving your weightloss no place to go.

Fad Diets to Avoid

• Meal Skipping. When your diet plan requires you to skip a meal be rest assured it is a fad diet. When a person abstains from food, even for one meal, it is unhealthy for your body. By not nourishing your body, there are some serious complications that can cause harm to your body. Skipping meals can cause hyperglycemia which cause your blood sugar to drop and this can cause you to eat twice as much at your next meal.

• Dieting without exercise. When your diet scheme tells you don’t have to exercise or exercise without some form of diet changes, this is also a fad diet. Everyone needs some form of exercise in order to get your body and circulation moving. By even changing your diet by how much or disposing of some of the things you eat normally and adding a bit of exercise goes hand in hand.

• Dawdling. When you keep making excuses on losing weight as with any other type of change, dawdling only compounds the problem of losing the unwanted weight. There should not be time frames set on losing all of your weight at one time, this also is considered a fad diet.

By setting your own realistic goals, making a few changes in how and what you eat, and adding some exercise to your daily routine is the only way for you to start losing any kind of weight even if it is just a couple of pounds or so to start.

Even if your weightloss is slow, but your are losing pounds, you will begin to feel a bit more energetic and positive about your weightloss. Losing weight will take time and do not be discouraged your first few months because in the long run you will see that the unwanted weight is coming off.

In closing, do not fall for those weightloss traps, take it slow, be positive, and you will enjoy the new you.